Vote Matthew Huffer for Tennessee State House

Tennessee’s District 39 needs a representative who puts the people’s interests before politics. Matthew Huffer is prepared to serve you as that representative.

  • Born and raised in Moore County, Matthew would be proud to represent his home. Matthew was student body president and valedictorian at Tullahoma High School, where he played soccer.
  • Matthew is a student at Vanderbilt, where he studies Political Science and Economics among the best in the nation. He works hard, studying the issues facing our state and the best ways to solve them. He knows firsthand the opportunities education can bring, and he wants to bring those opportunities to more young people in District 39.
  • Electing Matthew would set a record for this election cycle: He is the youngest candidate running. Read more about Matthew here.

Matthew Huffer is a different kind of Democrat. He believes that government should be working smarter for you. Unlike some in Washington, Matthew will work to make that happen in Tennessee. Matthew believes in:

  • Better education to improve our economy and our kids’ future.
  • Better jobs for hard-working Tennesseans.
  • Safeguard our principles: keep the second amendment, defend marriage, reduce abortions, and keep religious freedom.
  • Learn more about the issues here.